About Us

Golfang (founded in 1982) specializes in injection blow molding machine and puts great effort in developing injection blow molds and related products. Accumulated forty some years of great experience, Golfang possesses highly skilled technology, is the leading brand in Taiwan’s injection blow molding industry and well famous globally.

Stand on solid ground, proceed without rash, demand without importunate, and develop steadil

Based on the customer’s samples or drawings, through the technical group’s thorough manufacturing analysis, structure design, well-chosen and purchase of material, precision part process, part assembly, thorough machine test, customer inspection, product delivery, and even to the lengthy after sale technical services, Golfang makes commitment to build the equipment of the best quality, most stable condition and longest lifetime to offer to its customer to carry out the substantial production duty. 30-year long usages of machines from the first generation are still consistently in production. We expect them to last longer and longer. Presently purchasing machine and mold separately is the main stream in the market. The drawback is whenever any problems come out during the process of the product testing, the two suppliers will blame each other and shuffle out the responsibility. The customer is consequently getting lost and doesn’t know what course of action to take. In view of the problem, Golfang especially designs and combines the machine and mold into one unit, which then coordinates with the plastic materials and various auxiliary equipment to properly perform thorough testing in the factory. After the customer accepts the quality and size of the product and the functions of the machine, the testing record and molding techniques are transferred over to the customer upon the equipment delivery to start production. This flow path and design are to ensure the customer receives complete manufacturing equipment without any troubles afterward.

Continuous operation, continuous service, never make machine orphan

Golfang runs its business based on the technical management and purely undertakes technique as its business. It puts great effort on pursuing high quality and high functionality. Never easily let go any details. Low cost and low price are the advantages Golfang can absolutely manage to master. Even a small screw is also counted. Provide the most beneficial price to customers to gain their trust. All the customers’ technique information is kept permanently to increase the long-lasting after-sale service quality and thereafter establish great reputation and build up world-of-mouth among the customers. In every economic cycle and change in market demand, its orders still increase stably. The company expects to keep on shining and hopes to permanently offer its effort to the plastic manufacturing industry worldwide.